I am trusted with precious things.

I am trusted with precious things.

Hi I am Laura! And this is a place for me to share my passion for Quilting (with a capital Q) but I reserve the right to write about other things as well. I think my style is Traditional Modern. I prefer fresh, graphic quilts built with traditional blocks and quilted with straight lines. I love batiks, tone on tone prints, and high contrast


Here's what you need to know about me:

I'm over 40, a quilter and a full time Mommy. My darling lil' pumpkin is 6 years old.

I became a Mommy at the same time most of my friends started becoming Grandparents. In fact everyone who meets us assumes I am her Grandmother. I love being a Mom but it isn't easy being the only one with naturally gray hair. (BTW I am thrilled to find out gray hair is very hip - no one needs to know mine wasn't intentional). The only thing I have in common with the other Mommies is a gorgeous child, a love for chocolate, and a thickened waist.

II first started quilting in the late 90s. My first quilt was made a gift given to my cousin's at her wedding shower.