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Work In Progress Week of February 6 2017

Work In Progress Week of February 6 2017


First Monday in the month so I thought I would do a work in progress summary. It helps me to see where I am, plan ahead, and make realistic goals.

Quilt of the Moment

I am working on Colour Cubes. A pattern by Ruby Blue Quilts. I am almost finished piecing the sashing and I can’t wait to assemble the quilt top.


I have two large ongoing projects I am working on this year. My Dear Jane Quilt and my Farmer’s Wife Quilt.

Dear Jane:

I have completed all the blocks in row A to D as well as a bunch of triangle blocks from the border. The next step is to print out week sixteen blocks and templates. I hope to get that done today so I can get Dear Jane back on the schedule.

Farmer’s Wife:

I still need to order some fabric for this quilt. I have almost everything I need. This week I will map out my plan of attack and print out the first week’s blocks. I can start as soon as the fabric comes in.

Quilt Along:

I am looking forward to participating in my first quilt along starting in mid May. It is #100Days100Blocks2017. Hosted by GnomeAngel. Everything is ready to go on this quilt. Fabric, book, thread, and enthusiasm. I’m excited and can’t wait to start.

On Deck

After I have finished the Colour Cubes top I will start on Terry’s birthday quilt. I have all the fabric and it is ready to go. I will be blogging about this quilt but because it is a present I will not publish the posts until August. Once Terry’s quilt is bound I will start quilting Colour Cubes.

Coming Soon

I still can’t find the right fabric for Kaytie’s Quilt. If I ever find the fabric Kaytie’s quilt will be next in line.
I can’t decide if I want to split my projects into tops and quilting. Quilt the tops I have and then start new quilts that go from block to bind. Or should I finish old tops between doing new quilts block to bind. It’s hard to decide.
Once decided the next quilt I want to do design to bind is IzzyBee. I am still waffling the design of this one but I have time to sort it out. I have all the fabric (pending design decisions) I just need to make a decision.
I really want to enter the Hoffman Challenge this year. I have a cool idea for the quilt I just need to get the fabric. The entry deadline would move this quilt up in the queue. I need to make a decision soon or I won’t have time to make the quilt.

In the Distance

This year I want to make Dad’s quilt. It's been designed for almost 10 years. I need to choose and buy fabric and get it in the queue. The colours aren’t my cup of tea so maybe I’ve been delaying due to intimidation. It could be I don’t feel up to choosing the right fabrics in this pallet. I just have to suck it up and do it.

On the Draft Board

I have an idea in my head for a sampler quilt.
I want to do a lone star quilt

Unfinished Objects

I have a few aborted projects I have to dig out and decide their fate. Abandon or finish. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 things but there may be more.

  • Flaming skulls quilt needs more quilting and binding
  • Dragonflies needs some fabric so I can fix the huge mistake.
  • Flower garden needs to redesigned by me. The original pattern and half the quilt was lost in a move many years ago. All the strips are cut maybe I can make an improvised quilt from them.
  • Christmas tree skirt. Shape and setting needs rethinking
  • Stair steps needs to go on the design wall and put back in order then assembled

I thought of two while I was typing I hope that's all lurking in the depths of my closet

Quilt of the Moment: Colour Cubes

Quilt of the Moment: Colour Cubes